Press Release - Octapharma comments on the CADTH Report on cost-effectiveness of Octaplas®


The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) recently published on their website the second version of their report entitled: “Octaplas Compared with Fresh Frozen Plasma to Reduce the Risk of Transmitting Lipid-Enveloped Viruses: An Economic Analysis and Budget Impact Analysis”, using data mainly from Canada.

Octapharma was invited to comment on the first version of the report issued by the agency in 2008. During this review period, Octapharma made CADTH aware of some inaccuracies in their report concerning the data related to Octaplas® and its clinical use. These inaccuracies are easily understandable since, on the one hand, the report had been prepared and written by scientists who do not have knowledge on Octaplas® and, on the other hand, transfusion experts and other physicians, who have years of experience with the use of the product in several European countries, had not been contacted in view of budgetary constraints.

The second version of the report recently issued by CADTH reflects some comments and information provided by Octapharma. However, the report still contains some inaccuracies which can limit its overall value (i.e. a complete understated pricing for FFP in Canada). Additionally, as the report is mainly based on data from Canada, its validity and applicability to other countries is indeed, questionable.

Finally, the report fails to include the economical savings that can be achieved by the ability of Octaplas® to prevent the spread of viral outbreaks which otherwise would occur by the transfusion of contaminated plasma (i.e. the recent outbreak of the Influenza A “H1N1”).

Please click on the link below for more details on the inaccuracies of the CADTH report.


Octapharma comments on the CADTH Report on cost-effectiveness of Octaplas®


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