Real hope for Brandon

Patient stories
Brandon, Chicago, USA

Brandon was born and raised in Chicago. Aged five, he was diagnosed with a brain bleed and fell into a coma. He recovered to become an optimistic 30-year-old who loves to explore new cultures and cuisines but, above all, loves automobiles. “I love cars! All kinds of cars. If it has a motor and I can go fast in it, then I like it!”

Over the years, Brandon has learned a lot about his hemophilia. His positive mindset gave him the courage to fight against it. “But I felt I would never be able to break away from three-times-week dosing until an old friend of mine from a hemophilia camp told me about human cell line recombinant human factor VIII (Hcl-rhFVIII).”

Brandon now takes our NUWIQ® product: “It not only helped me get control over my bleeds, but I was soon able to switch to twice-weekly dosing and maintain protection. For a hemophiliac, that’s huge – it equates to 52 fewer infusions a year. I feel very hopeful for the way my treatment is progressing.”


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