Collaborative Culture

Our culture is founded on shared vision and values. We live them every day through our work.

These values are the basis of our many successes:

  • Ownership - We are committed, responsible, and focused.

  • Integrity - We are reliable, trustworthy, and respectful.

  • Leadership - We are innovative, goal-oriented, and inspiring.

  • Sustainability - We are forward-looking, empathic, and persistent.

  • Entrepreneurship - We are agile, empowering, and proactive.

Our vision and values guide us in what we do and how we do it. They remind us that all the amazing things we accomplish are achieved with, and for, our donors, patients, and partners. We continuously strive to develop even better products that help advance human life.

Sustainability Initiatives

At Octapharma we believe it’s important to “give back” to the local communities in which we operate, contributing to their social, environmental, and cultural sustainability. We believe that sustainability is not just about the environment or improving patient access to medicines; it is also about empowerment, using our resources to support local causes and to motivate communities to take charge of their health and well-being. One way we do that is through corporate volunteering. In fact, every quarter we sponsor an Octapharma USA Headquarters Volunteer Day where our employees lend their time and skills in support of local communities and causes.

Whether we are supporting a local shelter or building bikes for kids, we look for ways to volunteer and contribute.

Life-Long Learning Initiatives

Every month we host “Lunch and Learn” Headquarters events – casual educational opportunities for our staff. Topics are wide in range, but always fun and informative. Employees have had the occasion to hear from an experienced Navy Seal, from world-class mountaineer Chris Bombardier, and to discuss shared cultural experiences such as Broadway shows we have seen.

Employee Recognition Initiatives

We look for ways to honor our employees and call out outstanding performance. Every quarter, our Shining Star Program highlights and rewards a team member who has gone “above and beyond”.

Quarterly Headquarters Health Fairs

Our quarterly health fairs provide a range of information and training to improve the health and well-being of our employees. They have had the opportunity to partake in on-site massages, hearing tests, skin tests, and reflexology seminars as well as to take courses in self-defense and yoga.

Team Building Initiatives

At Octapharma, we know that the opportunity to relax and interact with our colleagues away from the office setting is an invaluable way to forge strong relationships and create durable teams. We make sure that we make time for occasions for team building and fun.

Quarterly Headquarters Volunteering at a Local Shelter

Quarterly Headquarters Volunteering at a Local Shelter.

Quarterly Headquarters Volunteering at a Local Shelter

Build a Bike for boys and Girls Club- National Sales Meeting, 2019

Shining Star Program Honoring Exemplary Employees

Headquarters Quarterly Health Fairs: Self-Defense Course, 2019

Headquarters Retreat, 2018

Headquarters Barbecue, 2019

Headquarters Barbecue, 2019

Headquarters Barbecue, 2019

Employee Benefits

Benefit offerings designed to promote your overall health and financial well-being.