Prothrombin Complex Concentrate, Human-lans

Packshot of Balfaxar® - Prothrombin Complex Concentrate, Human-lans

BALFAXAR® is a blood coagulation factor replacement product indicated for the urgent reversal of acquired coagulation factor deficiency induced by Vitamin K antagonist (VKA, e.g., warfarin) therapy in adult patients with need for an urgent surgery/invasive procedure.1

How Supplied

BALFAXAR is a sterile, white to ice-blue lyophilized powder for reconstitution for intravenous use. It is available as a single-dose vial with a nominal strength of 500 Factor IX units and 1000 Factor IX units. The Balfaxar packaging includes the single dose vial, 20 mL or 40 mL vial of diluent (sterile Water for Injection) for reconstitution and the nextaro® transfer device. Balfaxar contains blood coagulation Factors II, VII, IX, and X, as well as antithrombotic Proteins C and S.1

BALFAXAR® can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription.

nextaro is a registered trademark of sfm medical devices GmbH 


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