Immune Globulin Subcutaneous [Human]-hipp, 16.5% solution

Packshot of cutaquig® - Subcutaneous Human Normal Immunoglobulin

Liquid, ready-to-use 16.5% immune globulin solution for subcutaneous infusion (SCIg).1

How Supplied

Available in 6 mL (1g), 12 mL (2g), 24 mL (4g), and 48 mL (8g) convenient, ready-to-use vial sizes for flexibility in delivering SCIg to patients with varied needs.1

Cutaquig® can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription.  

Cutaquig patient support program

Designed to provide support for adults with primary immunodeficiency (PI) at every step of their journey – minimizing hassle, improving quality of life, and delivering on our company’s commitment to community and sustainability.

1. Cutaquig Full Prescribing Information. Paramus, NJ: Octapharma; rev October 2021.