Fibrinogen (Human)

Packshot of fibryga® - Human fibrinogen concentrate

Fibryga® is a highly purified, virus-inactivated and nanofiltered (20 nm) human plasma-derived, fibrinogen concentrate.1

How Supplied
  • Fibryga® is presented in vials containing 1 g of fibrinogen as lyophilised powder for reconstitution with 50 mL sterile water for injection (WFI).1

  • After reconstitution, the solution provides approximately 20 mg/mL of human fibrinogen.1

  • For intravenous administration via infusion or injection.1

Fibryga® can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. 

1. Fibryga full Prescribing Information. Paramus, NJ: Octapharma; rev 2020.